Chris Patrick Introduction

Chris Patrick is the perfect jock. Football, basketball, track, and even swimming – that’s all not to mention the martial arts classes he’s been taking since he was a young child. With perfect grades, Chris is the epitome of an overachiever. That is until he is almost killed during the homecoming football game in his senior year. Through very illegal dramatics, Chris is taken to the emergency room – the first of a handful of visits that will take place over the next year.

Chris’s life-long best friend, Tim, goes on a journey with him that is both life-threatening and life-affirming as his life is put in jeopardy not only by other students, but also by adults hell-bent on proving themselves against him. When Tim and Chris’s parents are involved in a scandal at work and the two friends are whisked out of their lives and into witness protection, it seems that it couldn’t get any worse. Only it can, and it does. This thrilling book explores the very limits of teenage capabilities and expectations. Not only is it sexy and exciting, it’s also scary, suspenseful, and perfectly entrapping as the storyline bends and twists through an extreme series of events.

Can Chris and Tim survive? Will they want to even go on if they do? It’s all a toss up as the lives of everyone they know are thrown into chaos because of things that are far beyond their control. Take a minute, and you’ll give an hour to this book, and possibly not want to stop reading until you’ve read the final chapter.

Ch. 1 – soon to come


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